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There are many theories on which one could win in small claims absent a written agreement. For starters, Google the legal theory of quantum meruit. I would also try mediation in these circumstances, if the other party is willing. Call an attorney in the phonebook who offers "free consultations" for state specific info about your case.

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Q: Can you win a gentleman's agreement in small claims court?
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Is there a statute of limitations to sue in small claims court for a breached loan agreement?

john doe

Can you take someone to small claims court on a verbal agreement?

Yes, you can take someone to small claims court based on a verbal agreement. However, it may be more challenging to prove the terms of the agreement without a written contract. It's important to gather any evidence or witnesses that can support your claim.

Can you sue in small claims court in another state?

No. The small claims court works locally.

If the insurance does not sufficiently cover the cost of your car who should you go after in small claims court?

It depends on who caused the damage, and what the agreement with insurance is.

Can you go to small claims court for 200 dollars?

Yes. There is no minimum amount you can sue for in small claims court.

You rented a car for someone and he was listed as the 2nd driver he has not paid you as yet for the rental as he agreed Is it possible to take him to small claims court?

The car rental agreement was between the two of you and the car rental company, but there is no agreement between the two of you implied anywhere. You cannot prove the other person agreed to pay anything, so, no, you cannot take him to small claims court.

Where is Small Court in New Jersey?

There is no court named "Small Court" so I assume you are asking about Small Claims Court. In NJ, there is no separate "Small Claims Court" - all small claims cases are heard in the Special Civil Part of the Civil Division of Superior Court in each county. To find your local information, use the related link below. Select your county and look for that county's Superior Court - Civil Division. That will be the contact information for small claims cases. The link to the court website is the court name in blue; the court website will have details about small claims cases in that county.

Can a town be sued in small claims court?

Maybe. Each state has different laws regarding whether or not towns can be sued in small claims court. For example, Washington State does not allow the practice, while in California, people can sue towns, cities, and even the state in small claims court. Most small claims courts give free brochures explaining the small claims process, including who can and cannot be sued in small claims. Contact your local small claims court for details.

Can you sue after a settlement in small claims court?

Usually, once a settlement is reached in small claims court and both parties agree to its terms, there is little room to sue again for the same dispute. The settlement agreement typically serves as a final resolution to the matter. If one party breaches the settlement agreement, the other party may have grounds to bring a legal action to enforce the agreement, but it would not be a new lawsuit on the original dispute.

Is there hearsay in small claims court?


Can you sue a doctor in small claims court?

i also want to take my doctor to small claims court. is there anything in law to prevent this

What is the dollar limit in small claims court in Fl?

In Colorado state, the maximum amount you can sue for in small claims court is $7,500. To have the court award more than that, you would need to file the case outside small claims court. Small claims court is usually a division of County Court. Civil cases for more than $7,500 can be filed in regular County Court or in District Court. For more information on filing a small claims case in Colorado, view the Colorado Small Claims Court Information related link. To locate the County Court nearest you, visit the Colorado Courts Guide related link, which will provide a directory of Colorado state courts, as well as online court resources.