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Most states have laws about when a late fee can be charged. For instance, in Massachusetts, a late fee can't be charged until the rent is 30 days late, and only if the lease provides for the fee. But, if they have that in the lease, then yes, they could go back and charge retroactively.

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Q: Can your apartment landlord charge you a late fee 3 months later after doing an internal audit?
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Megan wants to rent an apartment for 475 a month The landlord wants two months' rent for a deposit How much will Megan pay for her deposit?


If you still have time in your lease can you get out of your apartment?

You can get out of a lease but there is always a penalty. Usually you have to pay aat least a months rent plus an additional charge. Some properties can charge you for the rest of the lease. That means if you have six months left on your lease then you owe six months rent!

If you pay 6 months rent upfront will you be able to rent a property with bad credit history?

Usually, it depends on the landlord though. That's how most people with bad credit get an apartment.

Can a landlord charge back fees like HOA or pest remediation for the prior 14 months once a lease is terminated?

It may depend on how the lease was terminated but unless the charges are based on a previous agreement, the landlord cannot spring this on you.

If your apartment lease says you pay 475 a month and can use 680kws with all bills paid is it fraud if six months later they try to charge you for an electrical bill?

We sign lease contracts while renting and in it if it states that the rent is $475/month with amenities (meaning cable TV, electricity and heat) for a 6 months or one year or even more the Landlord has broken the Landlord/Tenants Act. In other words they have to stick to the contract. If you didn't sign a contract then sorry, you'll have to pay the electrical bill.

Can your landlord raise your rent for two months 300.00 for a guest charge?

This depends upon what you mean by a guest. In legal terms, a guest is someone who is staying at the apartment or dwelling for a brief amount of time, usually less than two weeks. Normally a landlord does not have the right to charge you if you have such guests. If you have guest for a longer period of time, then this guest could be considered a subtenant and you could be doing what is called subletting: renting out part of your dwelling and charging that person rent for it. Most landlords do not allow subletting dwellings: they have the right to control who lives in their property. Some landlords may allow this and charge extra to the tenant for it. In that case, it cannot be considered a "guest charge."

My new landlord is saying I didnt give him notifce 2 end my year lease on my apartment but I gave it to my old landlord months ago He's telling me I owe 2000 and 2 more months rent. is this legit?

Contact your old landlord and ask if they won't assist you in this matter. OR - if you have a copy of the letter or notice that you gave the old landlord it would certainly help. If you have already moved out, it sounds like he's trying to threaten you into paying. While it IS possible, it's kind of doubtful that he will spend the money to take you to court.

What is the maximum rent in advance and maximum bond a landlord can charge?

The maximum rent in advance that a landlord can charge depends on the jurisdiction, as different laws apply in different countries or regions. Similarly, the maximum bond (security deposit) that a landlord can charge varies based on local laws and regulations. It is advisable to consult the specific regulations of your jurisdiction or seek legal advice to determine the exact limits.

How long before you get your security deposit?

The security deposit is returned: after the lease ends; the tenant moves out; and the landlord inspects the apartment. The landlord has the right to deduct any necessary cleaning and/or repairs to the apartment in order to ready it for a new tenant, but nothing to improve the apartment (for example, adding an air conditioner or dishwasher where none existed; replacing carpeting with hardwood flooring) beyond the condition in which it was leased. Depending on the condition of he apartment, the landlord may not refund any of the security deposit. Your best bet is to thoroughly clean the apartment and patch any holes/damage created during the lease. Optimally, you would have taken photos the day you moved in to prove the condition of the apartment as received.

Is it legal for a landlord to ask a potential tenant for 2 months' rent up front so that the landlord can finish building the new apartment?

Well, it does seem like an odd arrangement -- if he runs late getting finished, or doesn't finish it up, for instance, the renter would have nowhere to go. Common sense would say that this is not a good idea, even with a written contract, unless there is a real shortage of apartments in the area. It is legal to ask for 2 months rent. First and Last Month and quite possibly a Deposit. However, if the apartment building is not complete the landlord may be using potential tenants money to complete the construction. I wouldn't do it. Does not sound legit.

What is the average stay at an apartment?

12 months

Can a landlord use last months rent as a security deposit in Arizona?

Yes, only if the Landlord accepts. This is usually a request by a Tenant that is most often denied by the Landlord.