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In order to have a dog declared dangerous, you should contact your local animal control office. Generally, they require you to file a sworn affidavit identifying the dog in question and stating what it has done to warrant being identified as a "dangerous dog." Once you have instigated the proceedings in this manner, an Animal Control Officer (ACO) reviews the case and, if your affidavit meets the statutory definition of dangerous dog. If so, the officer conducts and investigation to determine whether there are grounds to declare the dog dangerous. If the ACO believes grounds are present, a hearing is set before a Hearings Officer to decide the case

If the Hearing Officer determines the dog has attacked someone and caused serious injury, he may declare the dog dangerous and order it put down. He may also order that the dog owners be required to comply with the State dangerous dog laws and show proof of insurance required there under.

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Q: How do you have a dog declared dangerous in Texas?
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