What is radifying an amendment?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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Ratification of an amendment refers to the formal validation of a proposed law.

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Q: What is radifying an amendment?
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What amendment was repealed by amendment 21?

Amendment 18 and it was because amendment 18 prohibited alcohol and they had to make amendment 21 to cancel out amendment 18.

Amendment 21 provides what of Amendment 18?

The 21st Amendment repeals the 18th Amendment (Prohibition)

What amendment prevents excessive bail and fines?

The eighth (8th) amendment of the Constitution assures the U.S. citizens that there is no excessive bail or no cruel and unusual punishment.8th Amendment. Amendment 8

Which amendment does the Twenty First Amendment repeal?

The twenty-first amendment repeals the eighteenth amendment.

What amendment repelled the 18th amendment?

The 21st amendment repelled against the 18th amendment.

Which Constitutional Amendment is known as the State's Rights amendment?

The 10th amendment.

Which amendment allows for the direct election of senators by the people?

The Seventeenth Amendment allowed U.S. Senators to be elected directly by the people.

Which amendment is known as the forgotten amendment?

The 9th Amendment ;)

Which amendment resulted in U.S. senators being elected directly by the voting public the 18th Amendment the 19th Amendment the 17th Amendment the 21st Amendment?

17th amendment.

Which amendment banned manufacture and transportation of intoxicating liquors?

The 18th Amendment

What amendment gave vote to citizen age 18 and older?

The 26th Amendment

What amendment repealed to the eighteenth amendment?

The 18th amendment established prohibition The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th amendment.