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Formal Amendment Process.

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Q: What is the legal process in constitution change?
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What does patriatic mean?

Patriation is a non-legal term used in Canada to describe a process of constitutional change also known as "homecoming" of the constitution.

What is a amedement?

An amendment (check your spelling) is a change to something. Usually a legal document, it is a change made to that document. In the case of the US Consitution, it is a legal change to the Constitution.

What bill is used to change the Constitution?

there is no one bill that changes the constitution. depending on whether you want to change the state constitution or the federal constitution, you need to start out with the innitiative process. and go from there

Can the constitution be change?

Yes, the Constitution can be changed by the amendment process. In any case, yes, constitutions can be changed, especially through amendments, though the process is often slow. It is a slow process which is the way the Framers intended.Only by adding a new amendment to the Constitution. Nothing can ever be taken out. The only time an amendment has changed an older amendment is in the case of Prohibition.

Do you believe it was legal for Zelaya to change the constitution?

it wasnt legal and he is just making media show in the international community

What word means an addition to the constitution?

A change or addition to the Constitution of the United States of America is called an amendment, which is defined as "a change or addition to a legal document which, when properly signed, has the same legal power as the original document."

The constitution can be changed by a process called what?

The constitution can be changed by a process called amendment. This typically involves proposing a change and then ratifying it through a specified mechanism outlined in the existing constitution.

Process by which a change to the constitution can be canceled?

The United States Constitution can only be changed by an amendment.

What is true about the process of amending the Constitution?

It takes 2/3 of both houses of congress to amend the constitution and it is a complex process laid out in the constitution. The founders didn't want Willy-nilly reasons to change the constitution.

What process did the framers put in place to change the constitution the future?


What argument did Plessy's legal team make in Plessy v Ferguson?

making plessy change his seat violated his equal rights under the constitution-apex

Where can you find the laws that govern over the legal process?

Every state has a constitution and in California, our Constitution sets the guidlines for proper procedures in the courts. I would look for your states constitution online.