Who can press charges against president?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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The House of Representatives can convict the president. The Senate is the one that actually perform the trial.

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Q: Who can press charges against president?
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Can they press charges?

The District AttorneyÕs office can press charges against a person if they have enough evidence of a crime. A person can press charges against a person if they have been violated in a legal sense.

Bringing charges against the president or vice president is called?


What are the common charges against press?

libelbribessensationalismInvasion of privacyobscenityobstruction of justice

If you are 14 and live in the state of New Mexico and a 17 year old gets you pregnant can the state press charges?

Your parent can press charges against him

Should you press charges against your girlfriend for assault?

That is a question only YOU can answer.

What happens if you get into a fight with someone and they go to the police and press charges against you?

Nobody can press charges against you except the prosecutor, if they decide to pursue the case a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Can banks press criminal charges on past overraft fees?

you should press criminal charges against them for their extortionate fees, and its a civil matter rather than criminal.

Can you press charges against someone for threateing your life in an emailtext?

i have the same problem...

Where do you go to press charges?

To press criminal charges against someone, go to the police station that is closest to where the criminal act occurred. This question is filed under "civil" cases. Charges are not "pressed" in civil matters.

Can you press criminal charges if you did not choose to at the scene Texas?

A citizen may file a COMPLAINT, which will be investigated by law enforcement. Individual citizens cannot "press charges." Only the prosecutor can file charges against someone.

Can you press charges on a 21yrold sleeping with your 16 yrold?

No. You can report it and request prosecution, but you cannot press charges. You can also seek a restraining order against the 21 year old.

Who has the power to impeach to bring charges against the president and other federal officials?

Congress is able to bring impeachment charges against a president. A majority vote is required in the House of Representatives. The Senate tries the President.