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Antifederalist fears that the Constitution would destroy liberties.

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Q: Why did the federalist have to promise to add a bill of rights to the Constitution in order to get it ratified?
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What concession was made to the anti federalist before the constitution was ratified?

The Promise That The Bill Of Rights Would Be Added

What promise helped get the constitution ratified?

Federalists promised to add a bill of rights to the constitution if it was ratified.

What key concession did the federalist make ensure the Constitution was ratified?

Agreeing to support the Bill of Rights

What key concession did the federalist make to ensure the constitution was ratified?

Agreeing to support the Bill of Rights

What helped get the Constitution ratified?

The promise that a Bill of Rights would be adopted.

What strategies made the federalist arguments of the constitution successful?

promise of a bill of rights and compromise with anti-federalists

To win Massachusetts the federalist promised to support an amendment?

Federalists promised to attach a bill of rights to the Constitution once it was ratified.

What promise caused the constitution to be ratified?

The Great Compromise, The Three-Fifths Compromise and other smaller compromises were made in the creation of the Constitution.

How did the federalist respond to the criticism of the constitution made by the anti-federalist?

The Federalists made a comprimise to issue a Bill of Rights into the Constitution to get enough support for the Constitution to be ratified. They agreed that when the first Congress was held, it would draft a Bill of Rights. The argument was a win for the Anti-Federalists. It was an important addition to the Constitution and has been a great importance in the protection of the basic rights of the American people.

What key concession at the Federalist made to ensure the constitution would be ratified?

They promised to support key ammendments to the Constitution.

What did the Federalists promise to do as soon as the Constitution was ratified?

To add a bill of rights! :3 US history

What compromise did the Federalist make to get enough states to ratify the Constitution?

The Federalists compromised and agreed to add the Bill of Rights (first ten amendments), which was ratified in 1791.