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The Senate added to the gun liability bill by a vote of 91-8 the Campbell-Leahy Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (S. 253). This measure would establish national measures of uniformity and consistency to permit trained and certified on-duty, off-duty or retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms in most situations so that they may respond immediately to crimes across State and other jurisdictional lines, as well as to protect themselves and their families from vindictive criminals.


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Q: Can a peace officer carry a pistol out of his own state?
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Can a New York state peace officer carry a pistol in New Hampshire?

To many variables to answer the question. Depending on the circumstances the answer can be yes, no or maybe.

Can a retired peace officer carry a gun in NY?

Federal law provides that a peace officer can carry a firearm in any state, and retired peace officers that meet certain requirements (mainly weapons qualification) may do so as well. NYC is trying not to comply with the Federal alw on this.

Where can a new york peace officer carry a handgun?

Strictly speaking, a full time active duty or retired police officer can carry anywhere in the U.S. under Federal Law HR218, but there are some restrictions. The officer has to abide by the laws of the specific state he or she is in currently.

Is a Nassau county correction officer a new york state peace officer?


Can you carry a handgun in your car in Washington State?

yes u can, but you must have a current Concealed Pistol License (CPL) from Washington or another state that Washington recognizes. If you do not possess a CPL, you may only carry an unloaded pistol in a vehicle. There is no restriction on where inside the vehicle the pistol and ammunition is, as long as the pistol is unloaded.

Can you open carry a pistol in Massachusetts?

Check for a SUMMARY of state laws on firearms.

Can a off-duty Missouri police officer carry in Texas?

An active duty, full-time police officer in any state can carry a concealed weapon in any other state.

Is an armed security enforcement officer considered a peace officer?

Under Florida Law no. A licensed armed security officer is not a peace officer. In the State of Florida you do not have to be sworn to have peace officer status. According to Florida Statutes 843.08 and 843.06 the word "watchman" appears in both statutes. A security officer was once called a watchman. Therefore, a licensed security officer in Florida is a non sworn peace officer.

Can a convicted felon carry a black powder pistol in Iowa if he is passing through the state?

no he cannot

Can you get licence to carry concealed pistol with 2 yr old DWI conviction?

It depends on the state.

Can a retired police officer carry a concealed gun in the state of Wisconsin?


What kind of firearms does a DNR officer carry?

This varies with the state you are asking about.

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