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Q: Can your wages be garnished in state of Tennessee?
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Can your wages be garnished when wages are already garnished for child support in Tennessee?


Can wages be garnished after a repossession to collect the balance?

Can wages be garnished for the balance of an auto loan in the state of Delaware

Can your wages be garnished in Florida if you are a single mother?

Can my wages be garnished in the State of Florida for funds owed on a repossession if I am a single mother?

Can wages be garnished on foreclosed homes?

Not if wages are exempt in the applicable state. Yes if they are not.

Can the spouse be garnished?

in the state of Georgia, can a spouse wages be garnished if they are no longer together and is not on the account?

In ny state can wages be garnished for private educational loans?

Yes. Wages can be garnished for any debt that is legally incurred and documented.

When a home is foreclosed in Tennessee are wages garnished?

Yes, when a home is foreclosed on in Tennessee and there is a deficiency between the amount collected and amount owed, your wages can be garnished to pay the difference. You may be able to file an exemption or file for bankruptcy to avoid this.

Can wages be garnished in Illinois?

Yes, wages can be garnished in Illinois.

In the state of Michigan can a deficiency judgment garnish wages?

Garnished wages happen because a lawsuit was won against you. These wages will continue to be garnished until the judgement is paid completely.

How much can your wages be garnished in NJ?

State and federal laws mandate how much wages can be garnished in New Jersey. Creditors can take up to 25% of wages in New Jersey.

If wages are garnished in the us and move to Canada can wages be garnished there?


Can retirement in Alabama be garnished?

Retirement and pensions cannot be garnished in the state of Alabama. Alabama also limits the amount that can be garnished from wages.

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