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Answer I disagree. Home inspection reports are private, and they belong to the Buyer who paid for them. (or the Seller if the Seller paid for them). The only people who can get copies, absent the Buyer or Seller's permission, are the Realtors working on the sale.

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It depends on several things:

Who performed the inspection?

What kind of inspection was performed?

Where was the inspection performed?

For whom was the inspection performed?

What are the terms of the contract under which the inspection was performed?

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Q: Once your house inspection report is generated does it become public information?
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Once your home inspection report is generated it becomes public information true or false?

Once your home inspection report is generated it will become available to the purchaser, seller, inspector, agents, and mortgage company. It will not be a public record for all to see.

Do home inspections become public information?

The only person who will get a copy of the home inspection report is the person who requests the inspection and pays for it. The home inspectors' commitment to you is to present you with a comprehensive, unbiased home inspection report.

Is a home inspection report public information?

If you have a Home Information Pack (HIP) on your property, the selling agent MUST be able to present the information to a potential buyer. This information can be handed out to anyone who asks for it.

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A home inspection is a private service that is typically requested by people who are looking to buy or sell a home. A home inspection is when a certified inspector is hired to inspect a home to determine the condition of the home. The results of a home inspection are confidential and are only shared with the client who requested the inspection. The results of the inspection may affect a real estate transaction. However, the inspection itself is not public, which protects the client's privacy.

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