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Because a union means that countries unite their power

now they unite their economic and political powers..this means they help each other…they reduce taxes at boarders the parts of the union get goods cheaper than other countries do

they help each other if one fails to pay their expenses..

they sign some mutual help documents

They play a major role in promoting legislation that affects wages and working conditions in today's society. They also have a member ship of nearly16.3 million people

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Labor unions are important in industries today because they enforce labor laws such as child labor laws, fair wages, taxes, employee benefits and workman's comp. Labor unions also help protect workers from exploitation... they delegate worker's rights and at times go on strike to enforce fair employment.

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Labor unions were formed to protect the rights of the individual workers.

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Labor unions are necessary in various industries in order to bargain for higher wages and better working conditions. Most nations have governmental agencies to take care of law enforcement.

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Q: Unions are important in today's economy because?
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