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To execute in legal terms means to either carry out or enforce. So if you apply the law to a particular situation it is said that the law is being properly executed.

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To execute the law means to carry out or enforce the laws that have been established by a governing body. This may involve making sure that individuals and organizations comply with the law, investigating violations, and implementing consequences for those who break the law.

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Generally speaking "executing" the law means to enforce the law.

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Q: What does it means to execute the law?
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What does it mean to execute the?

Generally speaking "executing" the law means to enforce the law.

What does excuting mean?

If you mean "excuse" it means "pardon". If you mean "execute", it means "do" or "carry out". In the special case of prisoners sentenced to death, to execute them is to execute or carry out the sentence.

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It means that if you do not like the way they do it for fishing, hunting, etc. they execute you or put you in prison for breaking of law.

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"Execute" means carry out or put into effect.

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The executor cannot change the will. They have to execute the will as it was written and as modified by law.

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