What is residual jurisdiction?

Updated: 4/30/2024
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residual jurisdictionmeans the jurisdiction conferred on the District Court by operation of the Compensation Court Repeal Act 2002. :


What are the relevant grounds of jurisdiction that can be used in your country

in matters of parental responsibility pursuant to article 14 of the new Brussels

II Regulation?

121. Article 14 of the New Brussels II Regulation provides that "(w)here no court of

a Member State has jurisdiction pursuant to Articles 8 to 13, jurisdiction shall be

determined, in each Member State, by the laws of that State".

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Residual jurisdiction refers to a court's authority to address issues that were not specifically included in the original jurisdiction of the court, often serving as a catch-all provision to ensure all matters related to a particular case can be resolved within that court. It allows the court to exercise authority over matters that may arise during the course of the case but were not initially contemplated.

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Q: What is residual jurisdiction?
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