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Eight minutes

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Q: What is the average police response time?
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For the ADT home security system, what is the average response time in the case of an emergency?

The average response time varies. Typically, it will report it directly to the police, who will respond as necessary.

What is the police response time of Malaysia?


What is the average emergency response time of an ambulance?

The national average response time for a BLS ambulance is 10 min. Paramedics are 12-15 min.

What is the average question response time?

You can answer a question any time you want.

Why doesn't police response time result in a significant number of arrests?

Citizens do not report the event to the police until a considerable amount of time passes.

What is Securitas Mobiles average response time?

The average response time for Securitas Mobile throughout the UK and Ireland is 36 minutes. We are proud to let our customers know about our average response time, as it is the fastest in the industry.

What is the average ambulance response time?

According to U.S today, there is no real evidence of an average time. There is a study however of the 50 largest cities that says their average response time is 6 minutes, or around that. Hard to believe right?

What is average response time of paid fire department?

The average time for the fire department is 4 mins and 2 secs

What is the average number of employees a police department has?

The size of police departments vary but most agencies have an average of 2.3 full time police officer per 1,000 citizens

What is the average response time of volunteer fire department?

Rural is 14.5 mins

What is the national response time for police?

It usually is between 3 to 5 minutes depending on how far they might be from the place where they have to respond to.

What is average time police spend on burglaries?

However long they need to find the SUSPECT.

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