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Constitutional amendments must be ratified by the votes of 3/4 of the State Legislatures. There is no requirement for a plebiscite, or vote of the people. Each State Legislature can, if it chooses, base its decision on a popular vote, but I'm not aware that any do.

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There is no state that does not allow its people to vote on constitutional amendments. All states in the United States have some form of process for the public to vote on proposed amendments to the state constitution.

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Delaware is the state that does not ask its people to vote on constitutional amendments

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Q: Which state does not ask its people to vote on constitutional amendments?
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Can the president veto ratify or introduce a constitutional amendment?

The President cannot introduce a constitutional amendment. However, they can veto proposed amendments passed by Congress, but they do not have a direct role in ratifying amendments, as that process involves the states.

Why can't Puerto Ricans vote for president?

Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens but the territory is not a state, so they do not have full voting representation in Congress or the Electoral College. The island's residents can vote in the primary elections but cannot vote in the general presidential election. Decisions regarding Puerto Rico's political status and representation in the federal government are complex and ongoing.

How is it detemined if a new state is free or has slaves?

The decision on whether a new state would allow slavery or be free was typically influenced by the popular vote of its citizens during the state's constitutional conventions and ratification process. The issue of slavery played a significant role in discussions and debates during this period, with some states opting to uphold the practice while others chose to prohibit it. Ultimately, the decision was dependent on the prevailing opinions and values of the residents of the new state at the time of its admission to the Union.

What are the steps to change bylaws in a condominium association in new jersey?

To change bylaws in a condominium association in New Jersey, you typically need to review the current bylaws, propose amendments through a formal process outlined in the bylaws, hold a meeting to discuss and vote on the proposed changes, and then formally document and implement the approved amendments. It is advisable to consult with legal counsel familiar with New Jersey condominium law to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Who chooses members of the House of Representatives?

The members of the House of Representatives vote to select the Speaker.

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Constitutional amendments can be proposed by a two-thirds vote of?

Both houses of Congress

What group has the power to consider changing or replacing a constitution?

Only the people. Constitutional amendments must be brought to a vote of the people. constitutional commision wrong. not its not (14)

Which of the constitutional amendments did NOT extend the right to vote?


. Constitutional amendments can be proposed by a two-thirds vote of .?

Both houses of Congress

Constitutional amendments can be proposed by a two-thirds vote of .?

Both houses of Congress

How were the decisions made by the constitutional convention?

Decisions were made by a majority vote in a state.

The constitution allows congress to call a convention to propose an amendment if it has been requested by a two thirds majority vote of?

both houses of Congress or by two thirds of the state legislatures. This method of proposing amendments is known as a constitutional convention. However, to date, no constitutional convention has been called through this method, and all 27 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by Congress.

What do the 15th and 19th Amendments do?

They allowed people to vote.

What amendment says women cannot vote?

There is no amendment that states woman can't vote.

Which category does this Constitutional Amendment fall Senators elected by the people extended the right to vote to women?

power of the state

What state did not vote at the constitutional convention?

Rhode Island didn't vote at the Constitutional Convention; they boycotted the proceedings entirely and were the last to ratify the Constitution.

Do states ratify amendments?

The method of ratification is decided by the body that passes the amendment, which historically has been the US Congress (by 2/3 vote of both houses).In all but one case, the approved amendments were ratified by state legislatures.However, the language of the 21st Amendment (1933) specified its passage by state conventions rather than state legislatures. This was particularly chosen to avoid opposition by the same groups that had successfully lobbied for the passage of the 18th Amendment (Prohibition, 1920) which the 21st Amendment repealed.* Should a national constitutional convention (Article V Convention) successfully be called, it too would be empowered to specify the means by which any of its proposed amendments would be ratified.