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new plug, plug wire, and coil if its a 1998 and up ls1

also check your injectors it may be clogged so if that doesnt fix it put fuel system cleaner into your trans next time you fill up

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Q: How do you fix a trans am cylinder 8 misfire?
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What is Lincoln LS misfire code P0308?

Misfire in Cylinder No. 8.

8 cylinder misfire on 1999 Lincoln navigator?

The most common reason for a misfire is the ignition coil that is connected to the sparkplug on top of the problem cylinder.

How do you fix a misfire on ford SUV cylinder 8?

First, Thing you do is get the codes. Second, If it is a 4.6L change plug and wire, and if 5.4L Just change plug and coil pack.

What does the 2005 ford F150 diagnostic code p 0308 mean?

An engine cylinder misfire has been detected in the # 8 cylinder

Code PO308 Cylinder 8 Misfire?

This isn't a question. Find the cause of the miss and repair it.

What does P0308 trouble code mean?

Trouble code P0308 means: Cylinder #8 misfire detected

What is the problem code p0308 on 01 durango?

Cylinder #8 misfire.See related question below.Cylinder #8 misfire.See related question below.

What causes cylinder 8 misfire and white steam for the oil cap?

What causes a misfire can be a number of things. But from what you are telling me, you may have water in your oil and maybe some bad gas inside your engine. If you have pumped in some bad gas, you may have a filed out the sparkplug at that #8 cylinder.

Does misfiring on cylinder 6 and 8 cause white smoke to come from the tailpipe?

It could, depending on the cause of the misfire.

What is code P0308 and P0316 on a 2002 ford F-150?

p0308 is a cylinder 8 misfire , can be several reasons why

What is diagnostic code p0308 for a dodge Dakota?

Cylinder #8 misfire. Something is causing #8 to not fire properly, suggest you start with a tune up.

What does the term cylinder 8 misfire mean on ford f150 truck?

Check the spark plug and the wire on the 8th spark cylinder. Corosion, short, or just bad.

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