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"Nananghalian ka na ba?" or "Tapos ka na bang mananghalian?" or simply, "Kumain ka na ba?"

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"Saan ka na kumain ng tanghalian?"

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Q: How do you say 'have you eaten your lunch' in Tagalog?
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What is the tagalog of lunch?

you can either say "tanghali" or "tanghalian" depending on what you're trying to say/context.

Can you say lunch is had at one o'clock?

That sounds weird. Try lunch is eaten at one o clock.

Is have you ate a nutritious lunch right sentence or have you eat a nutritious lunch right?

I think the correct way to say it is " Have you eaten a nutritious lunch?" Hope it helps!

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The correct way to say this would be "Mark HAD lunch." This means he already ate it. You could also say "Mark WILL HAVE lunch," meaning sometime in the future. Another correct sentence would be "Mark HAS lunch." This means that he is in possession of lunch but has not eaten it yet.

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Since it is afternoon he has already eaten his lunch. (past tense). She will have eaten her lunch around noon time. (future tense).

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Yes. They can be eaten together at any meal.

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What time is lunch eaten in japan?


What does le déjeuner j'ai mangé mean in English?

Le déjeuner is "the lunch"; "j'ai mangé" is I ate / I have eaten in French. However, while in English it is acceptable to say, "The lunch I ate...", in French you would need to say "Le déjeuner que j'ai mangé", i.e. "The lunch that I ate..."

How do you say Thank you in Tagalog?

How to say THANK YOU in Tagalog: Salamat

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