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In front of

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"Devant" in French means "in front of" or "before." It is commonly used to describe the position of something relative to another object or reference point.

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Q: What does the French word devant mean?
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What does in front of mean in french?


What does devant l'ecole mean?

Devant l'école means 'in front of the school' in French.

How do you spell devant in french?


What is the French word for front entryway?

l'entrée de devant

How do you spell the front in french?

you can't say the front in french but you can say in front which is devant.

What are the French words for in front?

In front = Devant ex: In front of the church = devant l'église

How do you say infront in french?


How do you say in french your bedroom is at the front?

ma chambre est par devant, ma chambre est devant, sur le devant

French for in front of the door?

"devant la porte"

How do you you say forwards in french?

en avant, devant

How do you say front door in French?

The front door is "la porte de devant" in French.

How do you say straight ahead in French?

Straight ahead is 'droit devant' or 'tout droit' in French.