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Q: How can you find replacement parts for an Ozark Trail wmt-99slwg-b frame part fpty-98sltpop up gazebo?
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Where can you get a Replacement Globe for a Ozark Trail Lantern?

I just called Wal-Mart and they told me that Ozark Trail is there own brand and that they do not have the replacement globes. I think that stinks as the globes break easily and then you have nothing!!!

How do you set up an Ozark Trail 14x12 screen house WMT-1412R?

Can you get replacement poles for 14x12

Where can you find replacement part for an Ozark Trail 3 room cabin tent?

Replacement parts for Ozark tents--- The REAL answer!! look up your tent on the walmart web site. Toward the bottom of the discription page are links that say "tent manuel" and "replacement parts". That will give you the names and item numbers of different parts and the PHONE NUMBER to order them! Awesome!! (800-325-4121)

How do it get replacement parts for ozark tent 10x13?

Ozark is the in house label of Walmart. Your tent was probably made by a company called NorthPole Limited. Provide them with the model number and size and see what they can do; although you might save money buying a new tent complete. I have put the Ozark and NorthPole Limited contact pagesin the related links below. They should be able to help you with locating replacements local to you. You might be able to get it repaired by a sailmaker/canvas repairer instead of replacing the 'top', if you still have it.

How can you get replacement parts from ozark camping equipment?

Ozark are a budget brand and do not tend to sell replacements. In this instance, purchasing a spare version (brand new or second hand) of the same item would be the most practical and cost effective solution.

How can i get replacement parts for the ozark trail rocking chair?

Can I get replace my two in one rocking chair cover

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the ozark montains

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What are the natural resources of the Ozark Mountains?

what are the Natural Resources of the ozark rivers

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The address of the Ozark - Dale County Public Library is: 416 James Street, Ozark, 36360 2090

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