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Q: How do you spot fake north face bags?
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How do you spot fake Tom Ford sunglasses?

eat your face

How do you spot fake nine west bag?

One way to spot fake Nine West bag is by the stitching. Real bags will have perfect stitching. A real bag is made of real leather and will smell like real leather. Zippers in real bags will zip and unzip smoothly and the bags will have he metal Nine West tag with clear printing.

How do you spot fake Match Attex card?

get black permanent marker and color in the players face and if it does not go black its real.

How can you tell when a coach bag is fake?

Ask Bianca Aries!! She told me in Dester Winds during P.M session that she knows when the coach bags are fake! But i have no idea!call her at (661)285-****! Just make sure you dont buy them from the swamp meet! :] :]

How do you spot fake callaway ft-9 drivers?

how to spot a callaway fake ft9 driver

How do you spot fake Christian audigier?

One way to spot a fake Christian Audigier is to look at the graphics. If the graphics are blocky or thick, it is a fake.

How can I spot counterfeit handbags?

A fake bag will have poor stitching and will be lightweight if the leather is fake. Leather also has a distinct smell. Real bags have distinct logos on them. Study them to make sure every logo is the same all over the bag.

How do you spot a fake armani watch?

On ebay you can find guide in "how to spot fake replica emporio armani watches ceramic ar1400/ar1410" this guide will tell you how to spot any fake armani model.

How can you spot a fake juicy couture bag?

Fake juicy bags are way lighter in weight (as in the daydreamers) the leather is very sticky and thin, and it does not have a professional looking label. They also look really tacky, but some of them look quite real so be careful!

How do you spot fake Oakley sunglasses?

There is a great guide on how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses at:Please see related link below!

How do you spot a fake tech deck?

You can spot if a tech deck is fake when it does not have the grip tape, and if there are pictures on both sides of your tech deck.

How do you spot a fake beats?

look on YouTube