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Can they? Yes. Should they? Ask a vet.

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I leave a milkbone dog biscuit out every night for my neighbors dog.  It is always gone.  Not sure if he gets it or squirrels.  How do I tell ?

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Q: Can squirrels eat milk-bone brand dog bones?
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Where are Milk bone dog biscuts made?

Milkbone brand Dog Biscuits are made by Del Monte Foods.Del Monte Foods Has Factories in Pittsburgh, PA and are headquartered in San Francisco, CA

What is the name of the commercial where a crippled boy adopts a crippled dog?

There is a commercial where a college aged kid in a wheelchair adopts a dog, but I don't think the dog is crippled. This commercial is for MilkBone.

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Dog food has been around since 1860. Before that, dogs were fed table scraps. Milkbone dog biscuits were invented in 1907.

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There are 122 bones in a dog's spine.

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Dog bones cost $ 10.00

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A typical adult dog has around 319 bones. This number can vary slightly depending on the dog's size and breed.

Is it ok to eat a milkbone?

A dog biscuit? It won't hurt you. All though the packaging should say 'not fit for human consumption' it is just a dog biscuit. Animals eat it so why shouldn't you ? all just depends on your morals I guess...

Why do dog diabetes sites recommend against giving milkbone biscuits to diabetic dogs?

Purchase high end biscuits and . Ask a store employee for help. Nutro is one of the best. Many other dog/cat foods have fillers in them.

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