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Rice is now found in many of the canned pet foods. Rice is a digestible food for a dog and there should be no reason why it couldn't be mixed with puppy chow.

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Q: Can you feed your puppy pet-rice mixed with puppy chow?
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Can puppies eat pet rice mixed with puppy chow?

You can feed your puppy rice with their puppy chow. In fact, most veterinarians will instruct you to feed your dog rice with boiled chicken or cottage cheese when your dog becomes ill. This is because these foods are very bland and will not upset your dog's stomach as easily as their regular food.

What should you feed the puppy if he doesn't seem to like the chow?

Feed him/her something fresh and him or her likes it:-)

What do you feed a baby pug?

milk or puppy chow/food NOT humans eric :/

What do you feed a German sherperd puppy after you ween it?

Puppy chow from the pet store. Preferably Iams, but that's just my opinion.

What is better to feed a mini schnauzer puppy Purina puppy chow or orijen?

Well it really all depends on how old the puppy is. If you think you your puppy is really young and needs little food give him/her the Purina Puppy Chow. But if you want to give it Orijen, by all means go ahead, its really all up to you. yeah. if the puppy is really young, then feed it the puppy chow, but if u dont wanna, then just feed it the orijen. HI IM ADDING ON..... I HAVE A MINI SCHNAUZER PUPPY AS WELL AND SHE LOVES PEDIGREE, ITS ORGANIC AND BUILDS HEALTHY BONES, SHE IS FULL OF ENERGY AFTER EATING IT!

Can you feed a full grown pit bulldog puppy chow?

yes but it will take a lot of food

What shall you feed to your pregnant labrador?

You want to make sure she is getting enough nutrition. Puppy Chow has many essential vitamins she needs, continue the puppy chow until the puppies are completely weaned.

Is Purina puppy chow ok to feed 8 wk old lab puppy?

i also have a lab who is now 3 months old she is on puppy chow all though the vet recommends to pricier brands puppy chow is still safe for your puppy the vet i saw just said that they don't research like other company's and may not have some items in it but it will not hurt the puppy in anyway

What should you feed your 6month all white pit bull?

You should feed your 6 month puppy a good, high quality puppy food until it is one year of age. I would suggest Purina Puppy Chow or Science Diet Puppy food.

What to feed a 6wk old poodle?

Any six week old puppy is too young to be away from it's mother. I needs another two weeks to be weened properly. However, if the pup has been removed and ownership transferred, provided it has been weened, it should be able to tolerate soft puppy chow or puppy chow mixed with a little cow's milk. If the puppy has not been completely weened, you will need to purchase puppy formula from a veterinarian, a pet food store, or a farm store, and bottle feed it every four to six hours, or as it demands it.

How often should you feed a 15 week old puppy?

When we raised puppies we used Puppy Chow and it had a weight chart on it that said how many scoops to feed them per day. Hope this helps!

When should you feed a puppy?

on the bag of puppy chow should be ages and how much to feed them. if not just call local vet office and ask whoever answers the phone, they will know