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There is no such thing as providing too much hay to any rabbit, regardless of age. However, alfalfa hay is too high in protein for adult rabbits and should be reserved only for babies under 6 months. A better alternative for adult rabbits is timothy hay. Keep an ample supply of hay readily available to your rabbit at all times. It provides necessary fiber to your rabbit's diet and aids in digestion, and is something healthy for your rabbit to chew when it gets the urge to nibble.

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First answer: Yes it is actually best to give them alfalfa hay when they are still young but when they are adult its best not to give them alfalfa hay due to all the fibers in it.

Another answer: Actually, the above answer isn't quite right.

3-week old rabbits are still nursing and probably haven't started weaning yet. It's okay to give them alfalfa hay -- after all, the mother rabbit needs it -- but they probably won't start nibbling on it until about 4 weeks. From weaning until about 7 months, they should have unlimited 24/7 100% access to alfalfa hay, water, and pellets. At 7 months you should start gradually transitioning them to an adult diet, which means grass hay (not alfalfa), some dark leafy greens, and limited pellets.

About alfalfa and adult rabbits: it's not the fibre that's the problem, it's the protein. All rabbits need lots of fibre to keep their digestion and teeth healthy. The problem with alfalfa (aka lucerne) and all legume hays (like clover) is that they're too high in protein. Normal healthy adult pet rabbits don't need very much protein, and too much can make them sick. Alfalfa hay is good for juvenile rabbits, pregnant/nursing rabbits, and (under direction of a vet) some underweight rabbits, or rabbits on a pellet-free diet.

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Yes! That is if you are talking dried alfalfa hay. Weaning bunnies do good to have it available.

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Q: Can you give 6 week old bunnies alfalfa?
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