Do Sea Lions have arms and feet?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: Do Sea Lions have arms and feet?
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How many feet do sea lions have?

None. They have four flippers.

What are found along the bottom of the sea stars arms?

tube feet

How do sea lilies eat?

Sea lilies use the tube feet on their arms to capture floating plankton in the water.

What colour are sea lions?

Sea Lions are gray

What do baby sea lions do?

What do baby sea lions do?

Why are sea lion called sea lions?

They are the lions of the sea, agile, carniverous, hunt live prey.

What are the threats to Sea-lions?

what are the major threats to the sea lions

Are there sea lions in Antarctica?

There are sea lions in Antarctica. Both sea lions and seals are able to live in the harsh climate of Antarctica.

What is the sea lions habitat?

Sea lions mainly live in antarctica

What are the abiotic of sea Lions?

ocean can be abiotic factors of sea lions

Do sea lions eat coral?

No. Sea Lions eat fish.

How many feet do a sea star have?

5-6 but that's just their arms, they have thousends of legs