What is the sea lions habitat?

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Sea lions mainly live in Antarctica

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Q: What is the sea lions habitat?
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What animals live on a beach and dune habitat?

sea lions

What does the sun do to contribute to a sea lions habitat?

gives them nuetrients

What happens to sea lions habitat when the climate changes?

it will die out.

Where is the sea lions habitat?

They can be found on rocks and in the kelp forest

In what habitat does a California sea lion live?

CALIFORNIA sea lions live in CALIFORNIA!

Where do sea lions live-?

Sea lions live in different parts of the world. Sea lions that have adapted to colder temperatures, have a habitat in the sub Arctic areas. Other sea lions that prefer warmer waters, then to live in the tropical areas.

What fish is in a sea lions habitat?

sardines sardines stupid a holes

What are causing sea lions to become extinct?

Pollution, overfishing, and loss of habitat.

What does a sea lions habitat look like?

A sea lion's habitat looks like the shore,but it has big rocks that look like a mounain togther.

What is a sea lions habitat?

sea lions mainly live in Antarctica. They live on the west coast of North America too.:)

Do lions share their habitat?

Yes, in the wild, lions share their habitat with other lions and animals.In the zoo, lions only share their habitat with other lions.

Are sealions predators to koalas?

No. Apart from the fact that sea lions prefer a diet of fish, they are not usually found where koalas live. In areas where koalas' coastal habitat might overlap with the sea lions' shore habitat, koalas do not venture down to the beach. And, to date, sea lions have not yet found a way to climb eucalyptus trees.

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