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No rabbits eat their feces, although all rabbits eat cecotropes. Rabbits have two kinds of droppings: feces, and cecotropes. Baby rabbits that aren't weaned yet eat their mother's cecotropes; once they're weaned, they eat their own cecotropes.

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Q: Do baby rabbits eat their feces?
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Do you need to let your rabbits eat their own feces?

Yes, you must let your rabbits eat their own feces because it's an important part of their digestive system. Rabbits need to eat their feces in order to get all the nutrients they need out of their food. If a rabbit is prevented from eating it's feces, it will become ill. (Actually, to be technical, rabbits don't eat their feces at all: they eat their cecotropes, although it looks like they're eating their feces.) See the related questions below for more details.

Do rabbit eat feces?

Yes, rabbits do indeed eat their own feces. Rabbits are vegans, and like most vegan animals, their digestive tract is not long enough to fully extract the nutrients from what they eat. So they will eat it again. Deer tend to like to eat rabbit feces too, so if you find a pile of rabbit feces, there may be deer nearby.

What is it called when rabbits eat their feces?

Cecotropy is the process by which rabbits will reingest part of their feces by eating them directly from the rectum. Rabbits only ingest the soft "night" feces or cecotrophs. Hence the word Cecotropy.

Do ALL male rabbits eat their baby rabbits?


Which rabbits eat their soft forces?

Are you meaning soft feces??? Every rabbit has a soft night time feces. Most eat it before you ever see it. It aides in their digestion of foods.

Can baby rabbits eat blackberrys?


Does a raccoon eat bunnies?

Yes, raccoons will eat baby rabbits.

Can a rabbit eat baby food?

No rabbits like to eat plants.

Do rabbits eat squirrels?

No, rabbits are herbivores, so they don't eat squirrels.yes no maybe so shake a baby and a boobio :)no but i do

Do snakes eat rabbits?

Full-grown rabbits are rather large for most snakes, but many snakes will prey on baby rabbits, and some of the larger snakes can eat adult rabbits.

Are there vitamins in rabbit feces?

There are no vitamins or nutrients in rabbit feces, but there are many nutrients in their cecotropes, and when rabbits eat their cecotropes, it does look like they're eating their feces. See the related question below for more details.

Do baby rabbits eat more than adults?

No they dont.