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yes, first they will bathe with each other then they will lick your cat. then they will eat some chairs.after 100 days the females stomache will look really small and box like.

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Only cambelli and Russian can be breed together. But its highly unrecommend because you get really sick babys. So please don't to it.

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Q: Do dwarf hamsters have signs of mating?
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What other hamsters can go with Asian dwarf hamsters?

Only if it is a dwarf with a dwarf

What kinds of hamsters are there?

There are five main species of hamsters commonly kept as pets: Syrian, Campbell's dwarf, winter white dwarf, Roborovski dwarf, and Chinese hamsters. Each species has its own unique characteristics in terms of size, temperament, and care requirements.

How do you make dwarf hamsters?

By breeding them. Dwarf hamsters are a breed of hamster.

Are dwarf hamsters sad if they squeak?

No, dwarf hamsters squeak when they are happy.

Are Russian dwarf hamsters blind?

Yes.Russian dwarf hamsters Is Blind....

What is the sign before hamsters mating?

1 of the signs is that the male gets close to the female and they don't get mad at each other

Ware do you buy by dwarf hamsters?

You can buy dwarf hamsters at Pet Smart.

Where do Chinese dwarf hamsters live?

About the same time that dwarf hamsters live

What do you do if your dwarf hamster private parts are hanging out?

Well, this probably means they are in mating season. I don't know that much about dwarf hamsters, though. I highly doubt this is a bad thing though. Just ignore it.

How many types of dwarf hamsters are there?

There are a bunch of types of hamsters, an the dwarf is already a type a hamster.

What other types of hamsters are there besides the Syrian?

There are dwarf hamsters their are Chinese dwarf hamster ( this hamster isn't classified as a dwarf they are just small hamsters) The winter white hamster Campbell dwarf hamster Roborovski dwarf hamster And they are different names and they all have different colors but syrian hamsters have more colors than dwarf hamsters

What is the different between Chinese dwarf hamster and other dwarf hamster?

Chinese hamsters have tails and dwarf hamsters don't and Chinese hamsters can live together.