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Humans effect pandas by cutting down the environment where they sleep,eat, and play. You can save these animals by not cutting down there trees they hide in and not buying or selling their furs and bamboo made furnishings. we can all stop the endangerenment of these animals. If we don't save these animals today some other animals are going to pay the price.

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People are greatly affecting the pandas ecosystem. Panda eat only bamboo and by destroying the bamboo forest there is less for them to eat. Also by encroaching on there areas pandas are being drive out and starving.

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Pandas are threatened by unsustainable development and habitat fragmentation. It is estimated that as few as 2,500 pandas remain in the wild today.

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Q: How have people affected pandas?
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How are pandas affected by people?

we have over hunted them so there is very little left

How pandas change the living things are affected by these changes?


What do people call pandas other than pandas?

giant pandas

Do pandas die because people hunt them?

I have heard of people hunting pandas.

How many people like giant pandas?

There are alot of people that like giant pandas because they are very popular. about trillions of people love pandas!

Why are people predators for pandas?

People are "indirect" predators of pandas in that they encroach on panda's habitat.

What is the possessive of pandas?

The possessive form of the plural noun pandas is pandas'.Example: Development by people is encroaching on the pandas' habitat.

Why do people shoot pandas?

Most shoot pandas for their fur. A pandas fur is very valuable.

Do pandas compete for protection?

pandas compete againest people

How has global warming affected pandas?

Global warming it self as not as tress need CO2, but the fact that wood is need to burn is a large part of endangering pandas. (habitat distruction)

Can pandas eat people?

no,pandas are herbivores although dont make them angry.

Why are they pandas extinct?

Pandas are not extinct, but they are endangered. This is because people are cutting down bamboo that pandas eat to make farms.