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Q: Is it bad if a hamster bites its tongue?
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Do hamster bites have infections?


How do you know if a hamster is mean?

If he bites you.

Do you have to get a rabbi shot if a hamster bites you?

If a rabbi's hamster bites you, the most you could do is attempt to sue for damages, you certainly could not have him shot!

What sickness do you get if a hamster bites use?

anything your hamster has. if it has rabies, see a doctor immediately.

If a hamster bites one time will it bite again?

a hamster will only bite if you provoke it

How do you cure huge hamster cuts?

on a hamster?or on you?................ well on a hamster you cant do much because they are so little,on a HUMAN well just keep ice on it and apply neosporin to the cut (this is for the HUMAN not hamster!)

What happens when a hamster bites or eats a spider?


If your hamster starts biting should you return her?

No. Once the hamster gets to know you he will no longer bite. Hamsters usually bite when they are young and nervous. They need to acclimate themselves to you.

Are hamster bites harmful to other hamsters?

yeah a little

What will happen if a hamster bites you?

Wherever you were bitten will hurt that's it!

How do you make a biting hamster not bite you?

always get someone that is not scared to be biten like my classmate because my hamster bites and my classsmate is always playing with my hamster that's why my hamster do not bite everyone but sometimes he bites only but not everyday by kyanne Marie b. sapnu i am 10 years old thank you

Will you get infected if a baby hamster bites?

No, probably not. A baby hamster is like a normal hamster, only smaller, and a baby. But my hamster used to bite me a lot and I didn't get infected. so, no you won't.