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This will depend on what they are raised to produce, beef cattle will ingest feed stuffs further converting it into energy and meat. Female beef cows will be bred either through live coverage by the bull or by artificial insemination. She will carry the calf until parturition, once the calf is born she will raise it and teach the calf how to live on its own, she will continue caring for the calf until it is either weaned by the farmer (usually around 10 months) or naturally weaned. Bulls on the other hand, either are put with about 10-15 cows for breeding purposes or if he is being used for artificial insemination he will usually give samples one to two times a day.

Milk producing dairy cattle will be milked twice a day, they will eat a high protein diet and convert the nutrients into milk and energy. Females are bred to calve at about 2 years of age, they will carry the calf until parturition, however, the calf is usually taken away from the mother after birth. She will be milked by the farmer and the milk will then be fed to the calf through bottle.

During life cattle will develop companionships with each other, they will adapt unique personalities. Young calves will show higher energy levels than mature cattle, however, cows of all ages will still frolic within the herd.

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Cattle can poop, pee, fart, belch and have sex in front of each other without causing any other herd members to get highly offended. Cows can also eat plants that we humans won't even touch, such as 95% of a plant raised for grain production like corn, wheat or barley. Grass, alfalfa, clover, laspedenza, trefoil, tree and bush leaves, sainfoin, etc. are also a staple in a cow's diet. Their digestive tract enables them to regurgitate their last meal and rechew it again. They are ruminants, hence rumination for cows is to relax and chew their cud. Humans are monogastrics, so we don't chew cud.

Cows can also run faster than humans can, and are much stronger and heavier than humans are. Cows also let themselves be sacrificed for us to eat their flesh, because they are instinctively prey animals just like bison, deer, rabbits, mice, caribou, antelope, etc. are. Cows don't fight or scrap among themselves as many of us humans do in our family units, because a pecking order is maintained and followed by all herd members. But if there are new animals being introduced into a herd there is a lot of head butting involved to put the new animals in their place. Cattle fight by pushing and shoving each other with their heads. Humans fight with their hands, feet, teeth, legs, arms and torso and sometimes the head as well, but not head-butting like cattle do.

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Q: What do cow's do that we don't?
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