What eats baboon?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Lions and hyenas

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Q: What eats baboon?
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What eats the baboon?


What animal eats the baboon crocodile?


What eats baboon's?

leopards prey on baboons

Which animal eats the baboon?

Leopards, lions, hyenas, African wild dogs, and even crocodiles.

What eats a hamadryas baboon?

Hyenas eat baboons, and the Spotted, and Striped Hyenas live in the same area as Hamadryas Baboons, as well as Aardwolves.

What does a baboon eats?

Any fruit they can find! :D (Plus some juicy bugs)

What is an antonym for baboon?

There is no antonym for baboon. A baboon is a specific type of animal so the opposite would have to be 'not baboon'.

What genus is a baboon in?

A baboon is a primate.

How do you use baboon at a sentence?

The baboon was swinging on the branch.

What is the specific name for a baboon monkey?

Baboons belong to the genus Papio, and there are 5 species of baboons in the genus Papio. Here are the 5 species, and their specific names:Hamadryas baboon, Papio hamadryasGuinea baboon, Papio papioOlive baboon, Papio anubisYellow baboon, Papio cynocephalusChacma baboon, Papio ursinus

What is a type of baboon starting with man?

That would be the Mandrill.A mandrill is a type of baboon that starts with the letter M.

What is young baboon called?

A baby Baboon is referred to as an infant.