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Q: What is the drive belt routing on a 12.5 hp 40 riding mower?
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When engaging mower deck on a Craftsman riding mower it kills the engine?

Usually there is a problem with the belts that drive the blades, after you stop the mower. Take a close look at the belts and assure that the belt is tracking and the pulleys are aligned. If you are unsure of the belt routing recheck the manual.

What is the name of the belts on a riding lawn mower?

There is usually a deck belt and a drive belt.

Do you have a picture of routing a drive belt on a mower deck?

john deere LT155 38inch cut mower deck

Your riding lawn mower is running but won't drive a belt broke on it but i didn't think a belt made it move why?

Most riding mowers are driven by a belt.

Need drive belt diagram for 22hp 50 ranch king pro riding lawn mower drivetrain?

How long is the drive belt

While cutting grass with craftsman riding mower you stopped and to go in different direction would not go after hearing a pop?

You have probably broken the drive belt. With the mower turned off, lie on the ground and look underneath the mower. There is a deck belt and a drive belt. The drive belt is the upper belt. Grab the upper belt and see if it is broken.

Simplicity riding lawn mower belt diagram Where can we see a Simplicity mower belt diagram so we can change the belt?

Where can we find a simplicity riding mower model 284707 belt diagram

The illustration on the drive belt routing on your john deere gt225?

i need diagram on how to replace deck belt on John Deere GT235 mower

Do you have a belt size for a kgro riding mower LT4218 modelr model lt4218?

Size of the blade drive belt on a kgro lt4218

Why does your craftsman riding mower keeps chewing up the drive belt?

maybe your deck is too low

How do you change the belt on a ranch king riding lawn mower?

You can change the drive belt, on your lawnmower, by loosening the tensioner pulley. With the tensioner pulley, loosen the drive belt will come off and can be replaced.

Does belt go inside or outside guide pins?

On a riding lawn mower, the drive belt(s) goes inside the guide pins.