Why are giraffes so cute?

Updated: 11/12/2022
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Giraffes are cute because they have long purplish tongues and have a tan and yellow coat with different sized coffee colored blotches. Most people think they are cute because of their small, pleading beady black eyes. Places you can get out of the house to see some real giraffes are...

-the zoo

-the animal shelter

...and MUCH, MUCH more!

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Q: Why are giraffes so cute?
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What do baby giraffes look at birth?

there so cute

Are giraffes cool?

Yes, because there so cute and tall! What could be better?

What kind of problems do giraffes have with people and the environmet?

giraffes are cute and i don't know anything about them!

How popular are giraffes?

GIRAFFES ARE THE BEST THING ON THIS PLANET, they are amazing creatures and so random. They're big bashful eyes are like a graceful light bulb. Even though they look clumsy, they are actually very graceful.

How do giraffes act?

What the giraffe behaves like is that they are not very hyper. They have no vocal cords and are soft and cute!

Do giraffes have humps?

No. Giraffes are placental mammals, not marsupials, so they do not have pouches.

Why do giraffes mate?

Giraffes mate because God intended them to. They want to have babies, and so there will be more giraffes in the future!

What do giraffes eat on roar?

giraffes are herbivores im not sure about carnivores so giraffes are herbivores and they eat plants

Are Giraffes plentiful?


Why do giraffes have orange spots?

The reason why giraffes have orange spots is because so they can be camouflage

Is a giraffe vulnerable?

A giraffe is not a very vulnerable animal. In fact, as cute as they appear, giraffes can be fierce fights and they do hunt down their prey.

What information is there on giraffes?

There is so much information on giraffes that can be found on various sources. Giraffes spend most of the day eating and adult giraffes consume about 45 kilograms of leaves in a day.