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The act of meting out justice according to the law

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Q: What is the most convincing definition of administration?
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What is another definition for coaxing?

Convincing or persuading.

Which president's administration was known as the most corrupt in history?

If your definition of 'corruption' is: "number of members of the administration indicted", then the answer is - Ronald Reagan.

Definition of personnel administration?

what is personnel administration

What is the definition of general administration?

General administration means Government of State

Definition of administration of medication?

what covers medication administration in a residential care environment

What made the definition of public administration diffficult?

The definition of public administration is made difficult because of the wide array of functions and operations it involves.

What is the concepts of administrative?

The concept of administration is best determined by looking at the definition of administration. An administration is "the activities of groups cooperating to accomplish common goals."

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What is the definition for a dual government?

the company collected the revenue and the robert clive looked after the overall administration and also the administration of justice

What is the definition of cradibility?

Credibility means the quality of being trusted and believed in. It can also mean the quality of being convincing or believable.

Definition of management skill?

one of administration which can able to handle the role

What is the definition of food grade?

Not considered safe for use in food by the Food and Drug Administration.