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Q: When does an agreement to sell become a sale?
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What is an agreement to sell become a sale when the time elapses or the condition is fulfilled subject to which the properties in the goods is to be transferred?

A agreement to sell becomes a sale when the prescribed time elapses or the conditions, subject to which the property in the goods is to be transferred, are fulfilled.

Difference between sale agreement and agreement to sell?

They are the same thing.

What do you mean by contract to sell?

The contract to sell refers a binding legal agreement between the buyer and sell about the sale of something. The contract to sell is usually enforceable by law.

What was the sell of barbie doll from 1959 to 2008?

It's SALE SALE SALE! When did "sell" become a noun?!The question should read "What were the sale numbers of the Barbie doll between 1959 and 2008?"

When does a used car sale become final?

when does the sell of vehicle becomes final

Where can I find a business sale agreement?

It depends on what kind of business you have. You can sell your business to a major company that has an outstanding status or to a business person, who is interested in buying. If you are not sure who to sell it to, you can always put your business up for sale in the newspaper ads to grab people's attention.

Can you sell a mortgage if your exspouse is still on note?

All parties named on the mortgage note must be in agreement to sell it in order to claim the proceeds from the sale. This should be done with the advice and council of an attorney.

What is difference between sale and sell?

Sale is a noun; and sell is a verb. Examples: "I made a sale." "Did you sell your car yet?"

In the phrase the sale of parts which is correct sale or sell?

"Sale" is the correct word. The word "sell" (verb) means to sell something. The word "sale" (noun) means something is for sale.

Is it right to use to sell or to sale?

"to sell" would be correct. You sell your car and made a sale.:)

What is a sentence with sell and sale?

She decided to sell her old car at the garage sale.

What is the difference between sale of goods and an agreement of sale of goods?

A sale concludes with the delivery of the goods to the purchaser. If that has not yet been done, it is only an agreement which has yet to be completed (an executory contract).