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we have a semiannual banquet for our club that happens every 6 months

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Q: A sentence with the word semiannual?
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How do you put semiannual in a sentence?

The jewelry store's semiannual sale starts next week.

How do you use semiannual in a sentence?

"I have to go to a conference in Dallas next month, it is semiannual." "I go to the doctor's twice a year, because my visits are semiannual."

How many syllables are in the word semiannual?

Se-mi-an-nu-alFive syllables.

What is the prefix of semiannual?

The prefix of semiannual is "semi-," which means half or partly.

How do you divide the word semiannual into syllables?

There are five syllables like so: sem-i-an-nu-al.

What is another word for six months?

Six months is also "half a year" and therefore has the adjective form "semiannual."

What are synonyms for biannual?


How do you divide the word semiannual into syllables using hyphens?

There are five syllables divided like so: sem-i-an-nu-al.

What is the meaning of the word biannual?

Bi-annual is a word that refers to an event that happens twice a year. The word 'semiannual' is often substituted for biannual as well, and means the same thing.

What are the semi annual vegetables and example?

Never heard of semiannual there is annual and biennial, perennial. Check this page for some help

Something that happens twice a year is?

Biannual or semiannual.

What is the difference between biannual and semiannual?

Biannual means twice a year (every 6 months), while semiannual means twice in a year (every 6 months). In practice, they are often used interchangeably.