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Simon Peter and his brother Andrew were disciples of John the Baptist before following Jesus (John 1:35-42), so they had probably been baptised by him. It also seems from Mark 1 that just about everyone was baptised by John.

And in Acts 2 all Jesus' followers were baptised by the Holy Spirit, so in that sense they all were.

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Q: Were the Twelve who Jesus called baptized?
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When did the twelve apostles form?

The 12 apostles were formed after Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Jesus hand picked out all of his 12 disciples.

Were the twelve apostles of Jesus baptized?

Yes, it is widely believed that the twelve apostles of Jesus were baptized by John the Baptist before they became followers of Jesus. This act of baptism symbolized their commitment to following Jesus and his teachings.

What were the twelve men who traveled with Jesus and helped spread his teachings called?

They were called the twelve disciples later they were called the twelve apostles

Where was Jesus between age twelve through thirty?

From the age of twelve until He was baptized and began His ministry at "about" the age of thirty, Jesus apparently dwelt in Nazareth. See Luke 2:51, 52; Mark 1:9.

What is the reason why Jesus was baptized by John?

Jesus fulfilled Scripture when he was water baptized. But He was not baptized for His sins- He was sinless. When Jesus was baptized, He was baptized with the Holy Spirit, and with the Spirit came power. Jesus never performed any miracles before he was baptized. He had the Holy spirit, but he was not baptized with the full power of the Spirit until John baptized him.

What happened when Jesus called John the Baptist to him?

John said, "I need to be baptized by you."

Are the apostles all baptized members of the Church who share in the Church's mission to bring the Good News of Christ to the world?

Yes; the definition of an "apostle" is a messenger and authorized representative of the sender. Scripture broadly uses this term to refer to the followers of Jesus, but more commonly it applies specifically to the first twelve men chosen by Jesus as His immediate aids. In the sense of the definition of the word, then all baptized members of the Church are called to be apostles as anyone baptized is baptized to be a priest, prophet, and king and so is called to spread the Good News of Christ to the world.

Who baptized the deciples?

Jesus baptized the deciples

What date was Jesus baptized?

Jesus got baptized from John the Baptist at age 12

How can Jesus be baptized after after death?

Jesus was baptized before he started his work on earth not after he died on the cross.

Who told Jesus Christ he was to be baptized?

Nobody told Jesus, he came down to be baptized by John.

How you call a community of people who are baptized and follow Jesus Christ?

disciples there were 12 In addition to the original 12 Disciples identified in the Gospels, all people through the centuries who have believed in Jesus or who believe now are called Christians. These followers of Jesus can also be called "the Church," "disciples," and "believers." The original 12 are also known as the Twelve Apostles or simply as "the Twelve."