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There are 31 parables in Matthew.

  1. The speck and the log, 7:1-6.
  2. The two houses, 7:24-27.
  3. Children in the market place, 11:16.
  4. The unclean spirit, 12:43-45.
  5. The sower, 13:3-8.
  6. The tares, 13:24-30.
  7. The grain of Mustard Seed, 13:31-32.
  8. The leaven, 13:33.
  9. The lamp, 5:15.
  10. The dragnet, 13:47-48.
  11. The hidden treasure, 13:44.
  12. The pearl of great value, 13:45-6.
  13. The householder, 13:52.
  14. The marriage, 9:15.
  15. The patched garment, 9:16.
  16. The wine bottles, 9:17.
  17. The harvest, 9:37.
  18. The opponent, 5:25.
  19. Two insolvent debtors, 18:23-25.
  20. The narrow gate, 7:14.
  21. The marriage supper, 22:2-9.
  22. The wedding clothes, 22:10-14.
  23. The lost sheep, 18:12-13.
  24. Laborers in the vineyard, 20:1-16.
  25. The talents, 25:14-30.
  26. The two sons, 21:28.
  27. The wicked vine growers, 21:33-43.
  28. The fig tree, 24:32.
  29. The watching slaves, 24:43.
  30. Character of two slaves, 24:45-51.
  31. The ten virgins, 25:1-12.
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Q: What are the 28 parables in the Gospel of Matthew?
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How many parables are there in Luke's Gospel?

There are 8 parables, 2 of which are unique to Mark's Gospel.

How many chapters in Gospel of Matthew?

There are 28 chapters in the Gospel of Matthew.

Which is the only gospel that includes Jesus parables about the lost sheep the lost coin and the lost son?

The only gospel that includes Jesus' parables about the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son is the Gospel of Luke. These parables emphasize the themes of repentance, forgiveness, and God's unending love for humanity.

Who told parables?

Jesus told the parables in the bible.

Was John the only gospel writer who recorded the two parables of the talents?

I'm not sure where in John you're finding the parables of the talents, but I can only find one at Matthew 25:14-30

Which gospel in New Testament is long?

Of the four gospel books Matthew is the longest with 28 chapters.

Did st mark the gospel writer write parables?

Yes there are parables written in the book of the gospel of Mark.

How many parables are there in Mathew's Gospel?

There's 40 parables in the New Testament and Matthew has seven....ok..there's more...still looking...the seven I saw was in Matthew 13 Maybe I found them.... The Gospel of St. Matthew contains the following parables: Matthew 7: 24-27 Matthew 13: 3-23 Matthew 13: 24-30 Matthew 13: 31-32 Matthew 13: 33 Matthew 13: 44 Matthew 13: 45-46 Matthew 13: 47-50 Matthew 18: 12-14 Matthew 18: 23-35 Matthew 20: 1-16 Matthew 21: 28-32 Matthew 21: 33-44 Matthew 22: 1-14 Matthew 24: 32 Matthew 25: 1-13 Matthew 25: 14-30 The Wise and the Foolish Builders The Sower The Tares The Mustard Seed The Leaven The Hidden Treasure Pearl of Great Price Drawing in the Net The Lost Sheep Unmerciful Servant Laborers in the Vineyard The Two sons The Wicked Husbandman Marriage of the King's Son Leafing Fig Tree The Ten Virgins Ten Talents

What gospel has NO parables?


What is the first bible found in the gospel?

According to The Bible the first gospel found i it is the Gospel of Matthew, it has a total of 28 chapters in it, this gospel is followed by the gospel of Mark.

What is the first gospel found in the bible?

According to the bible the first gospel found i it is the Gospel of Matthew, it has a total of 28 chapters in it, this gospel is followed by the gospel of Mark.

Whose gospel has the most number of chapter?

Matthew has twenty-eight chapters,which is the most of all the gospels.