Whats a proof coin

Updated: 9/13/2023
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A proof coin is a coin that is struck on specially prepared blanks by specially prepared and polished dies and is usually struck at least twice to make sure the coin strikes up fully.

When looking at a proof coin, there usually are mirror-like fields (parts of the coin that are left blank) and on most modern proofs the design looks "frosted" (although, some earlier proofs do not have this "frosted", cameo look to them).

The best way to be able to distinguish between proof, uncirculated and polished (keep in mind that polished coins are NOT desirable to collectors and is considered to be damaged!) is to go to your local coin and bullion shop and compare them. It is quite hard to describe in words how the 3 coins look different, but after studying the 3, they all look quite different.

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Q: Whats a proof coin
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Why are proof coins not a grade?

A Proof coin is a particular issue of a coin not a grade of condition.

What is the value of a 1984 olympic prestige coin set?

the 3 coin proof set with 2 silver proof one dollar coins and one 10 dollar proof gold coin is worth about $550.00 retail the 3 coin proof set with 2 silver proof one dollar coins and one 10 dollar proof gold coin is worth about $550.00 retail

What is a state or proof coin?

A proof coin is not mass produced. It is individually pressed using polished dies.

What is the difference between a proof coin and a circulation coin?

A proof coin has a special shiny finish on it and it is made to be sold to collectors, and not used as money.

Whats it worth 1990 American Eagle 5 Dollar 1 10 Oz Proof Gold Coin?

As of today with the spot price of gold at $1,096.90 this coins value is about $100.00

Is a proof coin worth more then the real coin?


What is a 25 cent Canadian coin worth 1991?

If the coin is a Proof coin it is worth about $20 USD. If it is not a proof coin and is uncirculated it is worth about $12 USD. (2/28/2010)

What is the value of a 1894 Proof Dollar Coin?

Even with a Proof coin grade drives value. So from $3,000.00 to $20,000.00.

Why is the term proof not a grade for coins?

The term "proof" has to do with how the coin was produced in the first place, rather than the condition of the coin.

What does pl mean in coin grading?

"PL" in coin grading means "prooflike". It is used to describe a coin that has mirror fields and fine details resembling a proof struck coin but is not a true proof.

Is a proof coin more valuable than a regular coin?

Usually. A coin in Proof condition is almost always more valuable than the same coin in Uncirculated condition, but exceptions do exist.

How do you know if you have a 1941 proof dime?

It is really hard to describe what a proof coin looks like in text. But the coin will have mirror-like fields (the part of the coin with no design) and will be exceptionally well struck. All bands on the reverse of the coin should be distinguishable and separate. A 1941 proof dime is worth quite a bit and should never be handled with your hands as the oils will damage the delicate surfaces. Instead, if you think you have a proof coin, take it to a coin dealer and he will tell you if it is indeed a proof dime or merely a business strike coin.