Who invented the zero?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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wharekauri haunui invented the number zero in 800ad

Zero (0) and rest of the numbers of the decimal system were created by mathematicians in ancient India around in the 9th century CE.

This numerical system was later adopted by Persian and Arabic mathematicians and spread to the western world by the High Middle Ages.

the very proud conutry.........................................INDIA :) :) :) :)

India first invented the number zero o r better known as 0
It depends upon which historian you ask. Pingala is one who is given credit by some historians, but other historians dispute it.

An interesting contribution:

The truth is, it was not really "invented." And it's really unknown by whom it was first conceived, but it was surely thousands of years ago. I saw a funny answer that said it was conceived by the first "animal" to realize it had nothing of something! Not much help, but it's as close to an answer as I could find!

A factual answer:

The concept of zero was truly not invented. One cannot invent what has always existed; it can only be discovered or realized.

That being said, most of the parent cultures of the world have eventually realized the concept of zero. Most have done it in different ways. Most developed the idea for counting purposes only, but others eventually examined it in more philosophical terms.

From the first we know of to more recent, these are:

Mesopotamia (Babylon and Persia), the Olmecs, India and China, Greece, Arabia, and Rome. When western civilizations accepted the concept of zero is less certain, having had contact with most of the earlier civilizations and being heavily influenced by them.

See the related question linked below.

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Q: Who invented the zero?
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