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Q: Who was first woman to swear in the Bible?
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Who was the first woman killed in the Bible?

The first woman killed in the Bible was Lots' wife

Is it good to swear?

...on a bible.

If you are accused of a crime in Italy do you swear on the Bible as a rule?

No you dont a swear to the bible cause your going to get in trouble

What does this brain teaser mean swear Bible Bible Bible?

The person asking the question is talking about a brain teaser. It is probably the the one which shows the word 'swear' over bible, and resolves to 'swearing on the bible".Or, just possibly, "swear on a stack of bibles".

Who was the first woman to go to earth?

Eve was the first in the bible.

Do muslems swear on the King James bible?

They do not.

Who was the first woman in the bible to use cosmetics?


Was Eve the first woman mentioned in the Bible?

Yes she was.

Who was the first woman to kill someone in the bible?


Who was the first woman in the Bible that used makeup?


Ho was the first man woman to be created?

According to The Bible, the first woman created was Eve.

Can you swear on zwinkycuties?

no you should not swear on zwinkycuties or anything else.God says in the bible that he does not want you to swear on anything because thar is like cursing him out.