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The United States Holocaust Museum has a listing of all the displaced persons camps, with a map. I have not seen anything detailing doctors or births.

U S. Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS): The Einwanderungszentrale of Nazi Germany had the complete vital statistics of every foreigner entering into Germany (name, age, place of original, date of entry and two photos (full face and profile). Using these files, the UNNRA and IRO (replacement organization for the UNNRA) categorized, provided medical exams, X-rays, TB and VD, mental and educational exams to determine who was eligible for immigration to the US and distant ports. (Genealogists should get freedom of information form G639 from the Immigration & Nationalization Services for their records.) The INS will tell you what camp your parents were in.

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Q: Are there records from displaced person camps in Germany after World War 2?
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