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Q: Can soldiers wear headgear in a dfac?
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What did soldiers wear at the battle of saratoga?

The British wore: Red coat's and headgear with leather cap's The colonial wore: Saggy clothing

Why do people wear headgear?

Headgear is worn either for protection or for fashion, sometimes both.

What is the uniform colour of the soldiers in the UN Peace keeping Force?

Soldiers working under a UN mission wear a blue beret or helmet. They technically aren't UN soldiers. They remain soldiers for the country they come from.

What is old time soldiers headgear?

Headqear is a military term for "hat" or a helmet.

In the night before what type of headgear does mamma wear?


Do adults wear headgear with braces too?

Some can but others don't

In the night before Christmas what type of headgear does mamma wear?


What did the emperor wear in feudal time?

The emperor used to wear royal dresses alongwith headgear (Taj).

What clothes do the tukano tribe wear?

they wear bright headgear,feathers,body paint,piercing. lolash

Why do footballers wear headgear?

Most players that wear headgear, have suffered from some kind of head injury (often a fractured skull) that forces them to wear extra protection as a consequence. Examples are Chelsea FC goalkeeper, Petr Cech, and Inter Milan defender, Christian Chivu.

What does a shriner wear?

The distinctive headgear of a shriner is a red fez, a kind of brimless conical cap.

Do you have to wear headgear if you have braces?

New techniques mean headgear does not have to be worn by anyone. While some orthodontists still use headgear it is hard to imagine trying to get anyone to do this when other options now exist.