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It showed the world the power of the Axis powers, and the strength and unification of the United States's army. It also showed how good the U.S. was at spy technology and the quick development of the atomic bomb with Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein.

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Given the very, very large number of American deaths, it is difficult to argue that World War II "helped" anyone--but the United States did come out of the war with greater economic and military strength.

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Japan saw Pearl harbour as a huge threat and dessimated in. Therefore, the USA joined the war. The axis were on their last legs. With Italy and Germany out, Japan refused to surrender. The USA chose the lesser of two evils and dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After hundreds of thousands hsd been killed and contaminated, japan surrendered.

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Q: Did America help in World War 2?
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