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Q: Does Germany have aircraft carriers today?
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How many aircraft carriers does japan have today?

20, but they are all decommissioned

Which assets became the US Navy primary strike assets after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Submarines and Aircraft Carriers

How are air planes used today?

Aircraft are used for many tasks today, Fighters, bombers, re-fuellers, Cargo carriers, passenger carriers, trainers and many other things.

Where are aircraft carriers?

There are aircraft carriers all over the world. America has about 16 of various types. Many other countries also have aircraft carriers.

How many aircraft carriers did japan have in its navy in 1941?

Answer6 Aircraft Carriers

Why was the u-boat important?

It was Germany's MOST successful naval vessel. Germany was never strong in aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, nor destroyers.

What are facts about aircraft carriers?

The only war in history fought between aircraft carriers was WWII.

Are there Starbucks on aircraft carriers?

Some carriers do have Starbucks on them, but not all.

Do the Navy have Aircraft Carriers?

Yes, the navy do have Aircaft Carriers.

Can planes blow up huge ship and carriers?

I would think so, considering US aircraft destroyed innumberable Japanese ships, from landing craft to aircraft carriers. US Aircraft destroyed the Yamato. and that was in World War 2, well before the high-tech stuff we have today.

What are wave carriers?

Wave carriers are aircraft carriers that are being crushed by giant waves.

Why did Germany lose the battle of the Atlantic?

Mini-aircraft carriers called CVE's (Carrier Heavier than Air Escort), also known as jeep carriers, also known as Escort Carriers. These carriers launched airplanes that hunted down German Subs when they surfaced for air.