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Q: How did Charles Lindbergh respond to the war in Europe?
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Did Charles Lindbergh support American involvement in world war 2?

yes on the side of Germany

What famous American spoke against the US partication in the European War and sancitioned isolation?

Charles Lindbergh.

What has the author Charles A Lindbergh written?

Charles A. Lindbergh has written: 'Your country at war and what happens to you after a war' -- subject(s): Banks and banking, Economic aspects of World War, 1914-1918, Economic conditions, World War, 1914-1918 'Banking and currency and the money trust' -- subject(s): Banks and banking, Currency question

How did the us respond to soviet actions in Europe during the cold war?


Was not Charles Lindbergh recruited to be the first American Fuhrer after Hitler promised him he would win World War 2?

Charles Lindbergh did not believe that entering another world war would be beneficial to the United States. He was not alone in this. And thus in 1939, the USA did not join England & France. The USA had no choice but to enter once the Imperial Japanese made their horrible error of attacking the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. I don't believe that Lindbergh was a fascist, nor have I seen any credible evidence that he was. As far as it is known, Lindbergh, joined in with the rest of the USA once the War began for the USA.

Who influenced Charles lindberg?

Charles Lindbergh was influenced by the accomplishments of early aviation pioneers such as Orville and Wilbur Wright, as well as the advancements in aircraft technology during World War I. Lindbergh was also inspired by the challenge of completing a solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic, which led to his famous transatlantic flight in 1927.

Did Charles Lindbergh's famous flight or the dropping of the first atomic bomb or the Civil Rights enactment or the end of World War I occur first?

The first Civil Rights bill was enacted in 1875. World War One ended in 1918. Charles Lindbergh took his famous flight trip in 1927. The first atomic bomb was dropped in 1945. Therefore, the first Civil Rights bill enactment occured first.

What famous American spoke against US participation in the European War and sanctioned neutrality?

In the late 1930's the US hero Charles Lindbergh joined with many other Americans to create an anti war atmosphere. Whatever the value of joining the war before 1941, it seemed correct as the US was not until late 1941 that the US faced the Pearl Harbor disaster.

Why did Americas first committee believe that the United States should avoid war with Germany?

Charles Lindbergh believed that the real threats to America were the Soviet Union and Japan who were aligned with Germany.

A being a war hero in world war1 B flying solo across the Atlantic ocean C teaching evolution in Tennessee schools D inventing the assembly line WHAT is Charles Lindbergh best known for A B C orD?

Charles Lindbergh flew in the south pacific during the second world war, first to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean, flew mail in the USA.C is Scopes.D is FordA is Rich....h can't remember how to spell his name.

Why did Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford oppose the US going to war against Germany?

Henry Ford was known to have pro-Nazi feeling. For what reason I cannot say. Charles Lindbergh was world famous after his flight across the Atlantic Ocean. He made a tour of Europe later and when in Germany was shown their top secret aircraft, and was even allow to fly one. His reasons for opposing war could have been many. We were in a Depression, and needed to concentrate our efforts towards recovery. Many Americans resented the actions of the English and French for not listening to President Wilson after the war, and their actions pretty clearly were a cause of WW II. Many of us thought WW II was their fault, and we were not going to war to save them again. Then too I think Lindbergh was greatly impressed with Germany and how advance their Airforce was over ours (which was true.) He may have felt that we could never catch up with them, so it would be best to avoid a war and mind our own business. Impressions I have gained over the years. John

How did the US respond to Europe and japan before the war?

We did not try and get into the war because he were making so much money trading with all of them. Before we got forced into the WWs, we were selling war supplies to Everyone.