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The DMZ that seperated North and South Vietnam happened a number of years ago, sometime after the second world war, and it is still in effect today, as the countires are still split.

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Q: How long was the DMZ that separated North and South Vietnam?
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How long was north and south Vietnam separated?

about 100 km

About how long was the DMZ that separated north from south Vietnam?

Approx. 50 miles

How long is Vietnam from north to south?

About 970 miles.

How long was us invoved in Vietnam?

War in RVN (South Vietnam) since 1955. War with North Vietnam since 1964.

Where is South Korea found?

It's in Asia, right below North Korea.North Korea and South Korea is separated because of a war that happened long ago. There still are many families that are separated from each other.

Why did north and south Vietnam go to war in 1964?

They were fighting long before '64...they started in the mid 50's. Communist North V. wanted to take over the Republic of South Vietnam (which they ultimately did).

What country did ho chi minh lead?

Ho Chi Minh was the president of Vietnam from 1945 until 1955, when Vietnam was divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, known by the North Vietnamese people as "Uncle Ho" remained as president of North Vietnam until his death in 1969 while the U.S. "war in Vietnam" continued. He didn't live long enough to see his life-long dream come true with the defeat of South Vietnam and a unified country in 1975.

How long was Vietnam at war for?

Vietnam was at war with France before the US intervened in the sixties. In fact, they defeated the French in 1956 and became independent, but divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The Vietnam war the US was in was the result of the North and their communist sympathizers in the South (the Viet Cong) trying to unite the country under communism. When the US pulled out in 1975, they were successful.

How did North Vietnam win the Second Indochina War also called the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam did not win the Vietnam War. To win a war, the losing side must surrender. The limited war the US was fighting against North Vietnam and South Vietnam guerrilla fighters proved to be costly and one that disrupted the unity of the US at home. The newly elected President Nixon promised to end US involvement in the conflict and after several years did so. A "cease fire" was finally negotiated in Paris.

How long has Vietnam been a communist government?

Since '75.Answer:North Vietnam (the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV)) ( was a communist state that ruled the northern half of Vietnam from 1954 until 1976. On 2 July 1976, North and South were merged to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

What event signaled to America that the Vietnam war would not end quickly?

because the fighting was going no where and they understood that it would be a long time to ever get the north off the south back, and that signaed for a long war, and also the advantage the north Vietnam had on fighting in their own them and edge on American forces.

How long is Singapore from SOUTH to NORTH?

The length of Singapore from South to North is the same as the length of Singapore North to South that is 26 kilometers (16 miles) from north to south

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