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  • Most sources say that the American casualties were the following: 406,000 killed (including 6,000 merchant marine civilians;) 600,000 Wounded; 5,600 American civilians where killed in this war, mostly of them Merchant Marine Sailors that died in convoy wars, and ammo accidents.
  • It is impossible to give true stats on this because many soldiers were unaccounted for (too badly wounded and not even a dog tag could be retrieved) and, of course, there is no way one possibly could know how many innocent civilians were lost (civilians usually have a higher loss than any armed force of any country.) United States 292,000 soldiers. It should be noted that the previous figure only denotes soldiers who were confirmed to be killed in action by enemy forces. The American death total during the war including non-combat causes such as deaths due to aircraft crashes, illness, accidents, etc. generally amounts to over 400,000 men.
  • These figures are rarely agreed upon with any of the nations involved, probably the most reliable figure is 300,000 dead and a similar number wounded, others put the figure at 550.000 dead, its amazing that there isn't an agreed upon figure, but it gives you some idea. No figures can ever be completely accurate and only include deaths of combatants. It is interesting to see how this number breaks out between the various front. Roughly into thirds, one third was killed in the Pacific campaign against Japan. Another third died in the air war over Europe against Germany. The final third died in land combat in N Africa and Europe.
  • My almanac sources vary but roughly 292,000 American service men died in the war due to battle. These can be divided into three roughly equal parts as follows: 1) Japanese war - 100,000 deaths including the submarine campaigns, Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, air war, etc. 2) European air war - about 100,000 died bombing Germany and related areas. 3) German land war - roughly another 100,000 died fighting Germany including Normandy, Italy, Africa, Germany proper. Additionally a few hundred American civilians died - Japanese balloon bombs and losses to submarines in the Atlantic. Interestingly: There were several American non fatal injuries after the war due to Japanese holdouts who refused to surrender. These went on for years. Lastly, there are many deaths due to 'other causes' than battle....about 115,000. These would include auto accidents, disease, plane crash, suicide, murder by other soldiers, death in POW camps, execution, etc. Thus the total American deaths from all causes and sources would be about 410,000.
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Q: How many Americans were killed in World War 2?
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