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By about late 1939 very few Jews in Germany or Austria had jobs any more and those who did (for example, in the professions) were only allowed to work for other Jews. In mid 1939 Heydrich wrote to Himmler suggesting that an official list of occupations be drawn up that Jews were allowed to do, as he feared that otherwise they would become a burden on the "public purse". Himmler replied telling him not to worry about it ...

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Q: How many Jews were forced out of their jobs by the Nazis?
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Who forced Jews to live in the ghettos?

During World War 2 the Nazis and some of their allies forced Jews to live in ghettos in many parts of Europe.

Where did Jews go before concentration camps?

In many countries, such as Poland and Lithuania, the Nazis first forced the Jews to live in overcrowded ghettos.

Why did Elie Wiesel go to Buchenwald?

He had no choice. He (and many other Jews) were forced into many camps like this by the Nazis and Hitler.

How did nazi change life for Jews living in Europe economically?

The Nazis outlawed many and eventually almost all jobs for Jews, eliminating their ability to support themselves.

How are Nazis and Jews alike?

Nazis and Jews are not alike in any way. Those people who say or believe that Nazis and Jews are alike are not only wrong, they are intolerant and bigoted. Nazis, the followers of Adolph Hitler, discriminated against Jews, and murdered or tortured many Jews in the Holocaust. Ask any Holocaust survivor, and they will tell you how the Nazis harmed the Jews. They will also tell you that Jews are not Nazis, and are not like the Nazis in any way.

How many Nazis were killed by Jews?

the Nazis killed the Jews ------------------------------- i know of twenty, but there are more, partisans did not keep such records.

How many Jews were captured by the Nazis?


How many Jews did Hitler and the Nazis estimate to kill?

6 million jews

How many Jews did the Nazis kidnapped?

six million

How did Nazis trick the Jews into the camps?

The Nazis simply layed a trail of cookie crums so that the Jews would follow and when the Nazis had the Jews in there trap they would lock then gates

How many Jews were threatened by the Nazis?

6.8 million Jews were murdered

How many Jews were murdered at Auschwitz?

Around 1,100,000 Jews were murdered at Auschwitz by the Nazis.

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