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As of now, there are 38 US Military facilities in Okinawa. This includes bases, training grounds, camps, storage areas, and any other items not immediately connected to one another.

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Q: How many US Military Bases are in Okinawa?
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Why does the us have military bases in England?

Because the president said that the military would supply war materials to other countries in exchange for military bases in England

Who won the battle of Okinawa?

US won the "Battle of Okinawa". which lasted from April-June in 1945

What is a Okinawa?

Okinawa is a small island that is north of Taiwan and is part of the Ryukyu Islands, which is part of Japan. The US. used to own Okinawa after WWII but gave it back to Japan. Okinawa is a great tourist site with many beautiful beaches and many tropical plants and animals. Okinawa has many tropical fish living near it so snorkeling and scuba diving to see some of Okinawa's greatest reefs is very popular. Probably the most famous thing on Okinawa is the Cheri ,Aquarium. The aquarium holds many local fish and has whale sharks. Whale sharks are like giant sharks but they eat plankton instead of people and fish. It rains a lot in Okinawa to maintain its tropical forests. It can get very cold in the winter but NOTHING compared to Alaska and New York. Okinawa is very hot in the summer, so many go to one of the many gorgeous resorts on Okinawa. I hope you will visit Okinawa you Will never regret it!

Okinawa, Japan?

The second largest city in the area, Okinawa is located in the center of a 1,000 km long island chain, and is only 20 km north of Naha, the largest (and capital) city. Only about 35 years old, Okinawa is home to almost 130,000 inhabitants. With large shopping districts and a big US military presence, Okinawa is very American-friendly with many signs written in both English and Japanese. The United States has six facilities that are at least partially located in Okinawa, and Japan’s Ground Self Defense Forces operate in the city, too. The Southeast Botanical Gardens - a 100 acre park with over 2,000 species of plants - are located in this city as well. Famous for architecture, Okinawa’s layout is beautiful to see. Rich in culture and military significance, Okinawa is a Japanese city that is well worth the visit.

How do you find out the history of the Marines who served on Okinawa?

Okinawa was an Army campaign, under General Simon B. Buckner Jr., commander of the US Army's 10th Army. Iwo Jima was a Marine Corps campaign. However, Marines did fight on Okinawa; see the website "Battle of Okinawa", then look at the referrences at the bottom of the article for research material on the US Marines (at Okinawa).

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Is there a US military cemetery in Okinawa?

is there a military cemetery in okinawa

How many foreign military bases are there in the world that are not US bases The US has about 800 foreign bases. The rest of the world has how many?


How many mosques on us military bases?

All of them

Does England have military bases in the US?

No, the United Kingdom has no military bases in the US.

How many military bases does the US have?

At least 700 U.S. bases are in Afghanistan.

What is base military?

The RP-US Military Bases Agreement was signed in 1947 to the establishment of the US military bases in the Philippines.

What is Military Base Agreement?

The RP-US Military Bases Agreement was signed in 1947 to the establishment of the US military bases in the Philippines.

What is military-based agreement?

The RP-US Military Bases Agreement was signed in 1947 to the establishment of the US military bases in the Philippines.

How many countries in the world are us military occupied?

The true answer is NONE. The US has military bases in over 150 countries but the US does not occupy any.

How many us military bases worldwide?

As of June 2015, these are some 210 U.S. Army - Navy - Air Force - Marine bases worldwide, although this count might be high by 85 as many Army and Air Farce bases bases are being combined and/or closed down in order to reduce the American military forces in Europe and cut costs in the United States..

Are there foreign military bases on American soil?

No, but there are foreign military units, personnel, and equipment stationed on US military bases on American soil.

What is battle of Okinawa?

The last battle of WWII, May '45. For the first time, the US Army overshadowed the US Marines in fighting for Okinawa; and the largest US Naval losses to Kamikazes off shore; the highest ranking US military officer killed in action (by Japanese artillery) ... General Simon Buckner.